Facial Services

PCA skin peel– typically causes little to no discomfort, minimal visible exfoliation and your skin will be glowing and healthy looking following the treatment. Our wide range of peels offer benefits for all skin types – even the most sensitive. Your PCA Skin certified professional will choose the formula that is best suited for your skin. While PCA SKIN peels do effectively treat all skin concerns, they are also great options for maintaining skin health and prevent visible damage.

Vi peel– improves the tone, texture and clarity of the skin. The results for anti- aging can reverse the effects of the sun damage, environmental factors and time, to enhance your skin’s natural beauty. In addition to the facial treatments, the Vi Peel can also be used to treat sun damage on the décolletage and hands. The Vi peel is also highly effective in clearing acne and impurities for patient as young as twelve years old. A series of treatments may reduce acne scars.

Microdermabrasion– is a treatment used to polish acne prone or mature skin in reducing fine lines, “crow’s feet”, age spots and acne scars and simulates the production of skin cells and collagen. This treatment is perfect for a lunchtime procedure and is often combined with a light chemical peel for increased results.

IPL Foto Facial– is a non-invasive treatment, which successfully improves fine lines, sun damage, rosacea, facial and spider veins, enlarged pores and many other skin flaws. This treatment is safe with virtually no downtime delivering extraordinary results.


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